The Story Behind the Muffin Maker

It all started about 20 years ago on a 7-day backpacking trip with my best friend through the Dark Canyon Primitive Area near Moab, Utah. One of the meals that we made was chili with cornbread. The chili was super easy to make as it just required hot water and time. For the cornbread, I saw this article from an outdoor magazine (sadly, I can’t remember which magazine) that gave directions for baking muffins in the outdoors: simply cut a soda can in half, bend the edges inward, coat with oil, place the cans over about an inch of rocks, and bake until ready using a single wall pot over a low heat stove. This worked great for the meal and we filled our stomachs with tasty chili and freshly baked cornbread. And there is nothing better than eating freshly baked cornbread after a good day of backpacking!

That baked cornbread left a great impression on me. Over the years and many tasty meals later, working with different ideas and materials, the Muffin Maker was created. It’s a first-of-its-kind, specially designed muffin baking unit comprised of a 4-muffin tin that comes with a stand and a handle for easy handling. It is light, easy to use, easy to clean and efficient (bake four tasty treats at a time without using that much fuel), and therefore perfect for backpacking and camping.

I also discovered that there are plenty of things to bake using everyday ingredients (it’s amazing how much just-add-water pancake mix tastes like muffin mix). Spike this with other delicious ingredients like blueberries, strawberries, apples and chocolate chips, and anyone can make tasty baked treats from muffins to cornbread to egg dishes and more! The recipe possibilities are endless. (See the recipe page for some tasty ideas.)

So after all these years, I am happy to share the Muffin Maker and all of the tasty recipes that go with it. I hope it will make people’s outdoor experiences more pleasurable from eating freshly baked tasty treats and meals.

So go out there and Bake Up Some Fun!

The cornbread that started it all!