What are the safety notes associated with the Muffin Maker?
  • The Muffin Maker will get hot-be careful to not burn yourself!
  • The Muffin Maker contains small parts and is not intended for children
  • Always supervise / monitor the muffin maker when baking treats
  • The Muffin Maker is intended to be used with single wall pots (most camping pots meet this criteria)
Where can I download the instructions and safety sheet?

Download it here:

Download Instructions (PDF)
What equipment do I need?
  • A single wall pot that is uncoated with an inside diameter of 6.2 inches (15.6 cm) or greater. An inner height of 3 inches (7.6 cm) or greater is also recommended.
  • There are no specific stove requirements; a medium heat producing flame is best.
What pots are good to use with the Muffin Maker?

It is important to use a pot that can handle baking temperatures.

Most baked treats require a cooking temperature between 300°F and 450°F, so most cookware sets can handle these temps.

Titanium and steel pots are fine. Aluminum pots are not recommended.

Most non-stick coatings can handle temperatures up to 500°F. However, if you have any concerns you should contact the manufacturer. The only consideration regarding pots with a non-stick coating is you should not use them directly in a campfire (as one would a normal Dutch oven), but on a stove is OK.

Enameled steel cookware should be fine to use with the Muffin Maker.

Anodized pots should be fine as anodizing is a process that generally strengthens the pot without adding a coating.

Any non-coated single walled camping pot should be fine to use.

Here is a list of pots that one can use with the Muffin Maker.

Listed by manufacturer:

Ascend – The Ascend stainless steel pots are not coated and are OK for use with the Muffin Maker.

Ascend – The Ascend Quantum non-stick cookware is OK to use with the Muffin Maker.

Bass Pro Shop – The Bass Pro Shop’s aluminum Quantum non-stick silicone coated cookware is OK to use with the Muffin Maker.

Evernew – Evernew titanium non-stick series pots. The non-Teflon, silicone-based organic compound is OK to use with the Muffin Maker.

GSI – Glacier stainless steel cooksets have no coating and are OK for use with the Muffin Maker.

GSI – Dutch ovens. These items were designed specifically for use as a Dutch oven and are perfect for use with the Muffin Maker.

GSI – Enameled steel cookware. This cookware should be OK for use with the Muffin Maker.

Lodge Dutch Oven Cookware – These items were designed specifically for use as a Dutch oven and are perfect for use with the Muffin Maker.

MSR – The stainless steel pots have no coating and are OK for use with the Muffin Maker.

Snow Peak – Most of Snow Peak’s cookware is uncoated and OK for use with the Muffin Maker.

Feel free to contact us regarding using specific cookware with the Muffin Maker.

More pots will be listed as information becomes available.

Do you have videos showing the process?

Yes! Watch them here.

Are there any baking tips?
  • The pot, the Muffin Maker, and the baked goods can get hot. Be aware and don’t get burned!
  • Always be present (never leave unattended)
  • Use low flame
  • Elevate pot (if low flame not possible)
  • Slightly tilt lid
  • Have patience and don’t turn up the heat!
  • Check every 2 to 3 minutes after an initial 8 minutes of baking
Any tips for the batter?

Put all the ingredients into a ziplock bag. Add water. Be careful as you do not want to add too much water! Mix, mix, mix. Cut off a corner and squeeze batter into muffin cups.

Are there pre-made mixes to buy and bake?

Yes there are ‘just-add-water’ products you can easily buy. Each one is approximately 7 oz and should make 2 batches of 4 muffins per packet. For organic and gluten-free options, see FAQ below.

Betty Crocker – blueberry muffin mix, banana nut muffin mix, chocolate chip muffin mix, triple berry muffin mix

Bisquick – honey butter biscuits mix, cheese garlic biscuits mix and buttermilk biscuits mix

Marie Callender’s – corn muffin mix, cheese biscuit mix, regular biscuit mix and blueberry muffin mix

Krusteaz – cinnamon, blueberry and cranberry orange muffin mix

betty-crocker bisquick krusteaz krusteaz2

Are there organic or gluten-free mixes to buy and bake?

Yes! One brand we’re aware of is Birch Benders, which has both organic and gluten-free options. Please note: Not all mixes are necessarily gluten-free AND organic.

Birch Benders Organic & Gluten Free Pancake & Waffle Mix

Birch Benders Classic Recipe Organic Pancake & Waffle Mix

Birch Benders Chocolate Chip Organic Pancake & Waffle Mix

Birch Benders Six Grain Cinnamon Organic Pancake & Waffle Mix


How much fuel do I need?

Even though a lot of these recipes are 10 to 25 minutes of baking time, the overall fuel usage is not that much. The reason for this is that it only requires is a medium flame which uses less fuel. However if I had to make an estimate I would say that one baking batch is equivalent to boiling 2-3 quarts or water.

Can I use a campfire instead of a stove?

Yes, I’ve cooked by fires before. The main concern is heat control. There is no need to put the pot in the middle of the fire as this would most likely be too hot (it all depends on the fire). On the edge of the fire should be hot enough. Just remember to rotate the pot else one side might cook more than the other. I would also recommend to check the baking goods every 3 minutes after the initial 8 minutes of baking. Watch out-the pot, the contents and the fire can get hot!

What is the best way to transport eggs in the backcountry?

There are a few eggs holders out there which are readily available from most outdoor stores. Here is a pic of 2 different ones that I came across.


How do I submit recipes?

Head over to the recipes page to submit a recipe.

Recipes Page
Some parts are changing colors after usage.

Don’t worry. It is normal for some parts to discolor after usage. It will not affect the function of the Muffin Maker. It will be most likely to happen to the stand, the holder and the nut and bolt.

Why are there wrinkles in the metal?

The muffin tin is extremely difficult to make due to the design and the process to make each tin. The process stretches the metal to its limits therefore occasional wrinkles in the metal occur. But don’t worry as this does not inhibit the function of the muffin tin. It only makes each tin unique.

Can I get replacement parts?

I plan on adding replacement parts to the shopping cart soon. Until then, feel free to contact me via the contact page.

Contact Us Page
What is the normal order processing time?

Once an order is placed and payment processed, the order should be processed within 48 hours and then it is up to the post office to deliver it via first class mail.

How do I contact Backcountry Bakery?

You can use the contact form on our contact us page:

Contact Us Page
What is the return policy?

Customer satisfaction is the goal of Backcountry Bakery. Please contact us so we can resolve any issues with the Muffin Maker. Regarding returns – please visit the Contact Page to contact Backcountry Bakery regarding returns and refunds. All returns need a return confirmation number.

Contact Us Page
What is with ‘Bake up some fun’?

When camping, there are times when some people need a little moral support. This usually happens either in the morning when everything is cold and frosted over, or after a good day of being outside around dinnertime. I found a good way to lift someone’s spirit is by making something tasty to eat-plus this might provide the extra energy to start the day or help relax at the end of the day. This is where the Muffin Maker comes in. You can easily bake up a tasty treat. And trust me when I say that food can definitely lift the spirits. And Backcountry Bakery believes that a happy camper is the best kind of camper. So in the spirit of things-Bake up some fun!